Buffered Coco Coir – 50L Bag

Coco Peat or Coco Coir are by-products of industries that use coconuts. Commercial grade coco coir is created by a series of steps like aging, washing, rinsing, drying, buffering, grinding, and grading.

Without proper processing, Coco Coir will have an excessive salt content, degenerate and compact and lead to nutritional imbalances especially related to calcium and magnesium deficiencies.

Without going into too much chemistry, we’ll explain cation exchange and Coco Coir.

Since Coco Coir has a negative charge, it can hold certain nutrients and keep them from the plant (which is called Nutrient lockup = BAD).

Suppose you are growing a fast growth annual flowering plant. You want every bit of calcium to get utilized by your plant.

Nutrient lock up will affect plant health and reduce overall yields.

So, how do we make sure our coco coir doesn’t contain a lot of elements that will lock up expensive fertilizers, burn plants with excessive unwanted salts, and reduce plant health and yields?

We thoroughly rinse & buffer it!

Coco Coir buffering begins with flushing and rinsing the fibers with clean water. Washing removes only elements soluble in water, buffering also removes elements which are naturally bound to the cation exchange complex. Remember we said coco has a negative charge?

During the buffering process, Coco Coir cation exchange complex is saturated with a solution of calcium nitrate for an extended period. The absorbed calcium displaces the residual potassium and sodium in the complex, which are washed away leaving a very clean Coco Coir your plants will love!

Clean, triple-washed, super-buffered Coco Coir is the choice for any grower who wants healthy happy plants that reach their full potential.

Typical Analysis
Component Analysis
Calcium 81mg/L
Magnesium 7.8mg/L
Sodium <10mg/L
Chloride <30mg/L
Calcium / Magnesium Ratio 10
Potassium / Magnesium Ratio 1.1

* Typical analysis are based on testing averages and may vary slightly.

Typical Specifications
Component Analysis
EC(mS/cm) <0.5 +/- 0.2
pH 6.0 +/- 0.5
Air Filled Porosity >20%
Total water holding capacity >65%
Wettability <0.1min
Bulk Density 100kg/m3

* Typical specifications are based on testing averages and may vary slightly.


  Loadability Other Countries USA
1 FULL PLT ht 96″ 96 bags / plt 90 bags / plt
2 Pallet Size 45″ x 43″ 45″ x 43″
3 40″ HC 20 plts 20 plts
4 Total bags 1920 nos 1800 nos
5 Net wt 20160 kgs 18900 kgs
6 Gross wt 20760 kgs 19500 kgs

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