The most prominent growers in the cannabis industry are using Gorilla Boost Premium Coco Coir.  Why?  We are saving the average grower $100k a year through a combination of small yield increases and cost savings by going direct to us, the manufacturer.

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Gorilla Boost uses a unique washing and buffering process resulting in a low EC.  Lab tests prove we significantly outperform brands such as Canna Coco and Royal Gold.  The bottom line is high salt content can stunt the growth of your plants and cause nutrient lockup.  Most well known brands contain at least four times the salt content as Gorilla Boost.

We also do our best to conserve energy and have a minimal environmental impact.  Gorilla Boost conserves 1 million liters of water per 40′ ft container produced at our manufacturing facility through state of the art processing technologies.  We have more environmentally friendly practices in the works.

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